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This creamy 4-Ingredient Kefir Chia Seed Pudding recipe is packed with fiber and probiotics to support gut health. It’s an easy snack or make-ahead breakfast option. This recipe works all year long – just swap the fruits for something seasonal!

3 chia seed puddings topped with peaches and blueberries in glass jar

I am a huge fan of chia seed pudding as an easy grab-and-go breakfast option. It’s perfect for when you’re rushing in the morning, or when you just don’t feel like making anything.

Chia pudding is also an excellent, portable, and healthy snack or breakfast option if you have an office fridge available!

Today, I want to share a super simple 4-Ingredient Chia Seed Pudding, using only:

  • chia seeds
  • kefir
  • maple syrup
  • cinnamon
  • plus toppings of your choice – you can easily change these up with what’s in season!

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Why Kefir?

Many chia pudding recipes call for using different plant-based milks (such as almond milk), but I love using kefir to switch things up!

Kefir is a fermented yogurt drink that is rich in good-for-the-gut probiotics. When paired with the high fibre and omega-3 content of chia seeds, this kefir chia pudding can help to promote gut health!

Texture wise – it’s also creamier and thicker than milks.

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chia seed pudding topped with peaches and blueberries in glass jar

How To Make Chia Pudding

Making chia pudding is SUPER simple!

To start, I like to mix the chia seeds and any DRY ingredient into a large bowl or jar.

By mixing the dry ingredients together first, it ensures that everything is evenly dispersed. For this recipe, that means mixing the chia seeds with the cinnamon.

Next, you’ll want to mix any wet/liquid ingredients together. For this recipe, that’s the kefir and maple syrup.

Once mixed, pour the wet ingredients over the dry, and stir everything together well.

Note: things will be really liquid and not pudding-like at this point – that’s normal! The chia seeds will absorb the liquid and swell up with time.

Then, cover your chia seed mixture and place in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight. I personally love doing this at night, so that you have chia pudding ready to go in the morning.

Allowing the chia seeds to sit in the liquid for 2+ hours is what’s going to let those chia seeds swell into a pudding. Don’t skip this step!

making chia seed pudding in mixing bowl

After you’ve let everything sit, remove the chia pudding from the fridge. Give everything a good stir, portion it out, and add toppings of your choice!

I love adding fruits (like the peaches and blueberries you see here), nuts, granola, or almond butter.

I encourage you to switch up the toppings with the seasons – chia pudding tastes great with any type of fruit!

3 chia seed puddings topped with peaches and blueberries in glass jar

Chia Pudding Ratio

There is a lot of internet debate over the best chia seed-to-liquid ratio for chia pudding.

In my opinion, the answer comes down to two things: personal preference (i.e. how thick or thin you like things) and the type of liquid you choose to use (i.e. a thicker or thinner liquid).

When I use kefir to make chia pudding, I like to do a 3:1 ratio. For example, 3 tbsp chia seeds to 1 cup kefir. This is because kefir is slightly thicker than other milks!

When I use other plant-based milks, I like to do a 4:1 ratio to achieve the same thickness. This means, 4 tbsp (or 1/4 cup) of chia seeds to 1 cup milk.

If you follow either of these ratios and find your chia pudding is too thick for your liking, simply add more liquid. If you find it too thin, add more chia seeds!

3 chia seed puddings topped with peaches and blueberries in glass jar

Chia Pudding Benefits

Chia seeds are great sources of:

  • dietary fibre (10 grams in 2 Tbsps, or 40% of your daily needs)
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • plant-based protein (4 grams in 2 Tbsps)
  • minerals like magnesium, calcium, and iron

What you top your chia pudding with often has health benefits, too. For instance:

  • fresh fruit is rich in fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • nuts and nut butters are rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, plant proteins, and other micronutrients

Plus, the kefir that’s used as a liquid base in this recipe is full of good-for-the-gut probiotic bacteria.

As you can see, chia pudding is not only simple and delicious, but it’s full of good-for-you ingredients.

3 chia seed puddings topped with peaches and blueberries in glass jar

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Get the Recipe: 4-Ingredient Kefir Chia Seed Pudding

Chia pudding is an excellent omega-3 and fiber-rich breakfast option for when you're in a rush. Using kefir instead of other milk options is a great way to change things up and increase those good-for-the-gut probiotics. Have fun with the recipe and add toppings of your choice!
3 chia seed puddings topped with peaches and blueberries in glass jar
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  • 9 Tbsp chia seeds (or 1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp)
  • 3 cups plain kefir
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp pure maple syrup (adjust depending on how sweet you want it)
  • Toppings optional: fresh fruit, nut butter, nuts, cacao nibs, etc.


  • In a large jar or bowl, mix chia seeds with ground cinnamon.
  • In a separate bowl or measuring cup, mix kefir with maple syrup. Pour over chia seeds and stir together well.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.
  • Once mixture has become a pudding-like texture, remove from fridge. Give everything a good stir, then portion into jars/bowls, and add toppings as desired.


*To make a larger portion, simply increase with a 3:1 chia seed to kefir ratio
*Because the pudding will keep for about 5 days in the fridge, I like to make a large batch to portion out for the week!
*Feel free to add more maple syrup if this recipe isn’t sweet enough for you


As a dietitian, I create recipes with whole food ingredients that provide the nutrients needed for optimal health. My nutrition philosophy does not focus on numbers; however, I understand that this information can be helpful.

Do note that the nutrition info provided is an estimate and I cannot guarantee correctness of the displayed values. These numbers will differ depending on brands used, recipe modifications, and amount eaten. If you require specific nutrition information due to medical reasons, please consult with your dietitian or physician.

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