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This collection of dietitian-created healthy, homemade sauces and dressings will give you plenty of inspiration to make these recipes at home rather than buying them at the store. Each of these recipes uses simple, nutritious ingredients that can add a ton of flavour (and nutrition boost!) to a variety of meals. You’ll find options for salad dressings, pasta sauces, pesto, peanut sauce, and more! Most recipes are vegan and/or vegetarian.

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In this post, you’ll find 20+ healthy, homemade sauces and dressings from the blog along with some helpful tips! Keep scrolling or click on the following sections to go straight to them:

I would love to know if you try any of these. Let’s get cooking!

What Makes These Sauces & Dressings Healthy?

  1. Each of these recipes is homemade, using ingredients you can find in your pantry or fresh at the grocery store.
  2. Unlike store-bought sauces, there is no need for any preservatives in these dressings and sauces.
  3. They use healthy fats, like olive oil, nut butters, tahini, nuts, seeds, or avocado to add thickness and mouthfeel. This makes them a great healthy fat addition to your meals, which helps with slowing digestion, stabilizing blood sugar, and keeping you feeling full and satisfied for longer!
  4. Many of the pasta sauces actually pack in a ton of veggies in the sauce itself!
  5. Many of the all-purpose sauces and dressings pack in tons of fresh herbs, lemon, and various spices, which have health benefits of their own.

What Can You Use These Sauces & Dressings For?

I love making one of these sauce recipes and keeping it in the fridge for the week to add flavour to a variety of meals. For instance:

  • salads
  • pastas
  • stir-fries
  • noodle bowls
  • grain bowls
  • roasted veggies
  • proteins, like fish or chicken

The best part? Many of the recipes in this roundup are multi-purpose! For example, even if one recipe is listed as a salad dressing, you can totally use it over a bed of roasted veggies. If it’s listed as a pasta sauce, you could try it over a grain bowl!

In many of the posts I share some flavour pairings and serving ideas to give you inspiration for what to pair them with 🙂

Healthy Homemade Dressings

The dressing recipes in this section are perfect for adding tons of flavour to your favourite salads! They also work great over roasted veggies and the thicker ones could be used as a dip for raw vegetables, too.

1) My Go-To Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Glass jar of homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing on a white plate.
This is my go-to homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing recipe! All you need are 5 simple, healthy ingredients and a few minutes to make it. Keep it on hand to add flavour to salads, veggies and more!
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2) Creamy Balsamic Tahini Dressing

Straight on photo of a small glass jar filled with balsamic tahini dressing.
This creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing with tahini is so quick and easy to throw together! You can keep it in the fridge and use it to add flavour to salads, roasted vegetables, or grain bowls.
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3) Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

Straight on photo of a small glass jar filled with homemade avocado green goddess dressing.
This avocado green goddess dressing is filled with nourishing, healthy fats and fresh herbs. It adds a creamy texture and refreshing flavour to SO many different dishes! Recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and incredibly quick + easy to make.
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4) Vegan Curry Tahini Dressing

Straight on photo of a curry tahini dressing in a tall glass jar.
This all-purpose curry tahini dressing is made with simple, healthy ingredients and adds SO much flavour to a variety of meals. The recipe is super quick and easy to make and is vegan, gluten-free!
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5) Vegan Cashew Caesar Dressing

Salad with romaine, croutons, and cashew caesar dressing on a white plate.
Looking for a creamy vegan caesar dressing that closely mirrors the taste and texture of traditional caesar salad dressing? It's possible with the right blend of plant-based ingredients! My version of vegan caesar dressing uses soaked cashews, miso paste, and jarred capers (plus capers brine!) for salty, tangy, umami flavor. Using pre-soaked cashews, it’s ready within 15 minutes.
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6) Maple Dijon Dressing

Maple dijon vinaigrette dressing in a small glass jar.
This homemade maple dijon vinaigrette dressing is made with 5 simple, healthy ingredients. It's lightly creamy, vegan, and pairs with everything from salads, grilled veggies, and more.
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7) Miso Dressing With Sesame & Ginger

Homemade miso salad dressing in a glass jar.
This 5-minute, Japanese-inspired miso salad dressing recipe is made with sesame, ginger, and garlic. It's SO flavourful and easy to make, while being vegan, gluten-free, and added sugar-free as well.
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8) Strawberry Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette

Strawberry balsamic vinaigrette in a glass jar.
This homemade strawberry balsamic vinaigrette is such a delicious and colourful salad dressing recipe! All you need are 7 simple, healthy ingredients and about 15 minutes to make it.
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9) Herby Yogurt Salad Dressing

spoon dipping into glass jar with herbed siggis yogurt salad dressing
This healthy homemade salad dressing is made with siggi's Icelandic-style skyr yogurt, fresh dill, mint, and lemon. It's super creamy, high in protein, and so easy to make!
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10) Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing

Red wine vinaigrette dressing in a glass jar.
Whisk together this red wine vinaigrette dressing in just 5 minutes at home! It’s made with simple, healthy ingredients like red wine vinegar and olive oil. It has a deliciously robust and tangy flavour that pairs well with green salads, pasta salads, and broccoli salads too!
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11) Hummus Salad Dressing

Chopped green salad topped with creamy hummus dressing in a white bowl.
This Mediterranean-inspired green salad is tossed in a deliciously tangy and creamy hummus salad dressing! Using store-bought hummus, the dressing comes together in minutes and can be used in a variety of ways. Serve it with the included salad recipe or over pita wraps, grain bowls, and more.
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12) Pesto Salad Dressing

Pesto salad dressing stored in a glass jar.
This basil pesto salad dressing is a healthy and delicious take on a creamy vinaigrette! Ready in 10 minutes, you can use this recipe to add flavour to green salads, pasta salads, or grain bowls!
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13) Tamari & Nutritional Yeast Salad Dressing

Nutritional yeast salad dressing with lemon and tamari in a small glass jar.
This homemade nutritional yeast salad dressing is punchy, acidic, and umami-flavoured. Super versatile + ready in just 5 minutes!
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All-Purpose Sauces

These all-purpose sauces can be used on a variety of dishes. Add them to grain bowls, stir-fries, roasted veggies, or proteins.

14) Miso Peanut Sauce

Straight on photo of miso peanut sauce being poured onto a plate of tofu.
This easy homemade miso peanut sauce recipe uses only 6 simple ingredients and tastes SO delicious! It's an all-purpose sauce that can be served with a variety of meals. Recipe is both vegan and gluten-free.
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15) Lemon Herb Tahini Sauce

Lemon herb tahini sauce in a glass jar.
This simple lemon herb tahini sauce recipe tastes amazing with roasted veggies, proteins, grain bowls, and more! It's an all-purpose vegan/dairy-free sauce that's packed with healthy ingredients.
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16) “Cheesy” Miso Tahini Sauce

vegan miso tahini sauce in brown bowl with gold spoon
This creamy, "cheesy," and delicious miso tahini sauce is made with just 6 ingredients and takes only 5 minutes to make! It's a healthy vegan sauce that's perfect for pastas, grain bowls, and more!
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17) Minty Yogurt Sauce With Lemon & Garlic

Overhead photo of a mint yogurt sauce recipe in a small bowl on a wood cutting board.
This mint yogurt sauce recipe is only 6 simple ingredients (including salt + pepper) and is so quick to make! You can pair it with a variety of dishes – from roasted veggies to proteins, like salmon or chicken. Enjoy!
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Pasta Sauces & Pestos

The sauce recipes in this section can be paired with your favourite pasta or pasta alternatives. You can also use them to add flavour to grain bowls. The pestos taste great with seafood or meats, as well!

18) Vegan Hemp Seed Pesto

white bowl with homemade pesto and spoon
This homemade vegan hemp seed pesto is nutrient-dense and can be whipped up in just minutes! Recipe is nut, dairy, and gluten-free.
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19) Creamy Vegan Zucchini Pesto

Overhead photo of creamy vegan zucchini pesto in a small grey bowl.
This quick 20-minute zucchini pesto sauce recipe is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious. Raw, grated zucchini and fresh basil give this healthy homemade pesto sauce such a fresh taste and a generous serving of veggies in every bite. Serve it with pasta, grain bowls, as a spread, dip, and more!
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20) Vegan Red Pesto With Sundried Tomatoes & Peppers

Overhead photo of a white bowl filled with red pesto spaghetti.
With sun-dried tomatoes and roasted red peppers, this vegan red pesto sauce is easy and delicious! Serve it with pasta, or use it as a dip or a spread. Easily made with or without nuts.
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21) Creamy Ricotta Pesto

Ricotta pesto served in a white bowl.
This creamy homemade ricotta pesto recipe pairs perfectly with pasta, proteins, or veggies! It's quick, easy, nutritious, and tastes amazing.
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22) Vegan Cashew Cream Tomato Sauce

overhead photo of white bowl on top of small wood cutting board with rigatoni pasta tossed in a red cashew cream tomato sauce
This nutrient-dense and deliciously creamy pasta comes together so quickly. A perfect option for anyone who is vegan, dairy-free, or who just wants to switch things up! 
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23) Roasted Red Pepper Cashew Cream Sauce

rigatoni pasta with roasted red pepper cashew cream sauce and basil in a white bowl
This vegan/dairy-free Roasted Red Pepper Cashew Cream Pasta is super quick and easy to make, nutrient-dense, and deliciously creamy!
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And there you have it – 20+ Healthy Homemade Sauces & Dressings Recipes to cook and enjoy. I so hope you found some inspiration from this list!

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Get the Recipe: 20+ Healthy Homemade Sauces & Dressings: Balsamic Tahini Dressing

This vegan balsamic tahini dressing is made with simple, healthy ingredients like tahini, balsamic vinegar, lemon, and garlic. It's so quick and easy to throw together! You can keep it in the fridge and use it to add flavour to salads, roasted vegetables, or grain bowls. Plus more healthy homemade sauce and dressing recipes!
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  • Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl, until a smooth dressing forms. Feel free to increase amount of water if you desire a runnier dressing. Adjust seasonings to taste, as desired.


*STORAGE: Leftovers of this dressing will keep in an airtight container or jar in the fridge for about a week. Separation is normal – just give it a quick stir before using!
*PAIRING IDEAS: This all-purpose dressing adds SO much flavour and a source of healthy, satiating fats to all sorts of dishes. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Use it as a creamy salad dressing – it would pair well with any leafy greens (like kale, arugula, spinach, or a spring mix) along with fresh veggies (like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers)!
  • Drizzle it over roasted veggies, like broccoli, mushrooms, or sweet potatoes.
  • Use it to add flavour to grain bowls or nourish bowls.


As a dietitian, I create recipes with whole food ingredients that provide the nutrients needed for optimal health. My nutrition philosophy does not focus on numbers; however, I understand that this information can be helpful.

Do note that the nutrition info provided is an estimate and I cannot guarantee correctness of the displayed values. These numbers will differ depending on brands used, recipe modifications, and amount eaten. If you require specific nutrition information due to medical reasons, please consult with your dietitian or physician.

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